Startup Training
We train startups and businesses in Hohoe to compete globally.
Event Space
Rent our space for all your lovely events.
workin space
Co-working Space
Spend amazing time working from here with your team or friends.
Innovation Center
We provide the platform to birth great ideas.
Skills Development
We promote and train youths to acquire in demand skills for the industry.
Connecting people ,skills , ideas and funds.

What we do at Initiate Hub

A community where we :

  1. Provide the creation of an IT hub in a large extent could bring about the exposure the town and your spot needs as well as boom businesses.
  2. Reduce the theorical and too much talk of resource persons anytime events are organised.
  3. Bring about versitlity in the way IT is pictured. ie. It won't be solely for research and communication purposes.
  4. Equip the youth with some skills to start something on their own after events are organised at your spot. Skills such as Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Software development , Entrepreneurship etc.